FAR Children’s Support Center provides short-term emergency relief and implements long-term programs for the economic growth and social development for Armenia. The key areas of their operations are child protection, economic development, medical and health support, education and social services. As a burgeoning player in the humanitarian and development field, FAR has spent years bringing humanitarian assistance to those in need. The Center has served nearly 1,000 vulnerable children who sought short-term shelter and rehabilitation and outreach services like social and psychological counseling.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers can conduct various activities such as music therapy classes, art therapy classes, drama classes, song classes, dance classes, English classes, as well as engage in activities like playing games and storytelling to nurture the well-being and development of children. Volunteers with technical skills can contribute by writing newsletters, photographing events and project sites, and translating PR content material between Armenian and English to support FAR’s communications.

February 13, 2024