Ghoghanj NGO, based in Yerevan, provides the proper support and guidance children need to excel in school and become self-confident, respectful young adults. They have a mentoring program for more than 110 at-risk students who come from hardworking single parent households or from socially dysfunctional families. Some of their children have social, behavioral, or physical disabilities. The services include psychological and social development support, homework assistance, English classes, art programs, and computer classes.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers seeking mentoring or teaching experience will be a great fit with Ghoghanj. They can teach English or computer classes, lead different clubs, and provide homework assistance. Volunteers can organize events to enrich the experiences of the students and raise awareness about the NGO’s programs. Furthermore, they can assist with translating materials for the organization’s website, support fundraising efforts, establish connections with similar organizations abroad to exchange best practices and resources, and manage social media platforms to increase outreach and engagement.

July 20, 2018