GOALS supports and empowers youth to become leaders through the creation of safe spaces to play soccer, speak their minds, challenge social norms, build confidence, and forge ties with like-minded individuals. Through soccer leagues, after-school clubs, and summer camps, GOALS breaks down existing barriers to girls playing soccer while also creating safe spaces for youth to openly discuss social issues affecting their lives. Using sports for social impact, GOALS hopes to create a new generation of empathetic Armenians.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Tasks include managing social media schedules, capturing live stream videos and photos during events, conducting participant interviews, editing videos and photos for posting, creating short videos documenting events and trainings, designing promotional materials such as flyers and banners, updating and enhancing the organization’s website, and fulfilling urgent needs like supporting summer camps. Additionally, volunteers collaborate with GOALS staff to develop a comprehensive marketing plan aimed at diversifying funding and enhancing social media presence. This involves researching best practices for social media campaigns and fundraising, analyzing social media data, conducting a situation analysis, setting marketing goals, and crafting a unique strategy to attract donors and grant makers.

December 11, 2018