HIKEArmenia strives to develop a wide range of economic, tourism, and cultural sectors in Armenia as a way of promoting rural development across the country. Its priorities include designing a state-of-the-art hiking resource center in downtown Yerevan, creating a one-stop shop for hiking and ecotourism, building upon the pilot release of its mobile app, advocating for further development and investment in quality trail design and necessary hiking infrastructure, and promoting Armenia worldwide as a hiking destination. For more insights into HIKEArmenia’s work and its impact, explore featured blog posts: Getting Back to His Roots with Mother Nature“, “Armenia’s Wide Range of Hiking Destinations“, and “Exposing Adventurous Travelers to Armenia.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers at HIKEArmenia play a vital role in the organization’s developmental stages. They engage in a diverse array of tasks, primarily in the field, collaborating with partner organizations such as the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT). Fieldwork responsibilities encompass overseeing and actively participating in the trail-building process, from initial scouting and marking to hands-on construction. Extensive research is integral to this process, involving the identification of existing trails, points of interest, cultural heritage sites, and lodging options. Volunteers also seek strategic partnerships with relevant organizations possessing valuable information or ongoing similar projects. In addition to fieldwork and research efforts, volunteers contribute to HIKEArmenia’s mission of promoting Armenia as a premier hiking destination worldwide. Activities include contributing to the development of an interactive website, touchscreen interfaces for information centers, and enhancing the organization’s mobile application. Volunteers assist in testing prototype platforms, reviewing and generating content, conducting research, monitoring project progress, mapping trails, and engaging in community outreach initiatives. 

May 8, 2020