The office of the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia, also known as the Ombudsman’s Office, was established by law in October 2003 with the mission to protect and restore human rights and fundamental freedoms across the country. For further insights into opportunities to advocate for human rights in Armenia and the experiences of volunteers, you may find valuable information in this blog post.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers can assist the International Relations Department with the preparation of annual reports to different institutions that the RA Ombudsman is obligated to report to annually, conduct comparative legal analysis, which involves researching international law and best practices related to various topics, such as the anticipated new draft of the law on disabilities or any draft anti-discrimination law. This analysis helps inform policy decisions and legal reforms in Armenia, writing reviews of existing laws and draft laws, contributing to the evaluation and improvement of legal frameworks related to human rights protection.

May 9, 2020