Since 2008, KASA has been striving to meet the new needs of Armenian society. Their main focus is on education and training programs (be they face-to-face or remote), promotion of civil society, and overall contribution to the sustainable and harmonious development of the country. KASA is also involved in developing local tourism, allowing for others to see the cultural and human riches of Armenia.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers at KASA typically engage in organizing trainings, debates, round table discussions, and workshops aimed at capacity building and knowledge dissemination. Volunteers also contribute to the promotion of intercultural dialogue and international youth cooperation, fostering connections and understanding across borders. Additionally, volunteers assist in the organization of debate clubs and French movie screenings, providing opportunities for cultural enrichment and language learning. They may also offer free French language classes to youth, empowering them with valuable linguistic skills.

For more information about volunteering opportunities with Armenian humanitarian organizations, please visit our blog post: Volunteer with Armenian Humanitarian Organizations.

May 8, 2020