The NIH operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. Its mission is to carry out activities aimed at developing the healthcare system in Armenia. Key activities of the institute include: development and implementation of continuing professional educational programs; development of clinical guidelines and manuals, design and implementation of healthcare related surveys, preparation of annual reports on health care in Armenia, development of healthcare policy documents, accreditation of trainings and seminars for medical personnel, Implementation of trainings on healthcare , implementation of health related projects in cooperation with international organizations, such as WHO, USAID, etc.

Typical Volunteer Tasks:  Volunteers have the opportunity to assist in organizing and conducting health education workshops and seminars, participate in outreach programs aimed at raising awareness of various health issues and promoting preventive measures, organize and manage campaigns, support ongoing research projects by collecting and analyzing data, assist in literature reviews, data entry, and statistical analysis for research studies and publications, conduct research to identify potential grant opportunities, assist in drafting grant proposals.

May 9, 2020