Oknooshoon is an organization that aims to improve the lives of dogs and people in Armenia. The overarching goals of Oknooshoon are to improve the public perception, and in turn the quality of life, of dogs in Armenia, while providing a novel form of therapy for human populations in need.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteer assignments encompass a diverse range of administrative duties. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to: crafting advertising and educational materials, facilitating ongoing correspondence, managing media platforms, providing translation services (particularly for Eastern Armenian speakers), overseeing budgetary matters, coordinating fund disbursement, and actively seeking out funding opportunities. Furthermore, volunteers engage in animal-centric fieldwork and research endeavors, undertaking tasks such as liaising with therapy teams/locations, coordinating with therapy venues, collaborating with veterinarians, maintaining meticulous dog records, and administering necessary medications to our canine companions.

February 13, 2024