Oqni NGO is a non-profit organization based in Armenia, established by a diverse team comprising both local Armenians and members of the Diaspora from the US, Canada, France, UK, and Germany. The organization is dedicated to developing a comprehensive system of next-generation prosthetics with integrated rehabilitation support, manufactured and fitted within Armenia, aiming to restore the capabilities of war victims and other amputees at no cost. Committed to fostering innovation, Oqni strives to position Armenia as a center for cutting-edge 3D-printed, AI-driven prosthetics through collaborative research and development initiatives. 

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers contribute in various capacities. Depending on their level of expertise, some volunteers analyze the organizational structure of Oqni NGO, assess its technological utilization, and understand its overarching goals. Then they can identify operational challenges within the NGO and the local prosthetics industry through surveys and data collection techniques, develop strategies for enhancing NGO performance, and advocate for the adoption of new technologies or methodologies to both internal and external stakeholders. They also oversee the implementation of new technologies and operational systems, conduct workshops, training sessions, and fundraising events, and assist the PR and social media team in marketing and communication efforts, particularly during campaigns. Volunteers with a fundraising background can conduct research to identify potential donors, craft compelling fundraising projects tailored to resonate with prospective donors, reach out to potential donors via various channels, utilize online platforms to facilitate donation drives, organize campaigns and events to solicit donations, maintain comprehensive records of donor information, evaluate the effectiveness of past fundraising initiatives, and ensure compliance with all legal reporting requirements.

January 20, 2023