Path of Law is engaged in conducting, monitoring and advocating for human rights, developing well-founded and evidence-based public policy, removing obstacles to the realization of fundamental rights and freedoms of the residents of the Artsakh Republic. Additionally, the organization is committed to promoting the implementation of international commitments and obligations in combating corruption and fostering legal culture. In addition, the “Path of Law” NGO provides legal advice on civil and administrative issues to socially vulnerable people. Currently, Path of Law is actively involved in supporting war prisoners of the Artsakh conflict.

Typical Volunteer Tasks:  Typical volunteer tasks include conducting legal research, interviewing victims and their families, participating in the preparation of legal cases, and assisting in the development of reports for international human rights organizations. Through various assigned tasks, volunteers contribute to the promotion of human rights, access to justice, and accountability especially with regard to the Artsakh War. For further insights into volunteering in the field of law and specifically with Path of Law, you can find additional information in the following blog posts: Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3, Blog 4, Blog 5.

January 20, 2023