PAWSitive is a NON-KILL animal rescue group that provides medical and relocation assistance to homeless, unwanted, and owner-surrendered animals. The organization has 5 main directives: 1. Reduce the number of homeless and abandoned animals; 2. Provide medical assistance to needy animals; 3. Increase the effectiveness of pet adoption across Armenia; 4. Develop spay/neuter programs; and 5. Give pet-care educational materials.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers at PAWSitive Rescue Armenia play a vital role in supporting the organization’s mission. Their tasks may include visiting the shelter to provide hands-on assistance and care to the animals, caring for dogs, ensuring they receive adequate exercise, grooming, and socialization, taking on responsibilities within the shelter, such as cleaning, feeding, and administering medications. Take a glimpse into the impactful journey of an AVC volunteer through this blog.

May 8, 2020