In the sphere of human rights protection, PINK Armenia promotes the ideas of equality and acceptance of vulnerable groups. They encourage cultural sensitivity, appreciation of diversity, and elimination of all kinds of discrimination, specifically focusing on youth and  marginalized groups (LGBT, women and girls, victims of sexual abuse, sex workers, injecting drug users, and migrants).

Typical Volunteer Tasks:  Volunteers may assist in training sessions on gender issues and the LGBT community, aiming to raise awareness and promote understanding among various stakeholders, provide support for the organization of public events, including workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns, to advocate for the rights and well-being of vulnerable groups, contribute to the creation of materials for the organization’s electronic magazine, which serves as a platform for sharing stories, insights, and resources related to human rights and social justice, coordinating movie and English clubs, offering opportunities for community engagement, education, and cultural exchange, assist with translation tasks, including translating materials from Armenian to English and vice versa, conduct research on various topics relevant to the organization’s mission..

July 20, 2018