The Slavonic University is a prominent educational institution in the South Caucasus, offering a wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across more than 70 fields under the dual jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia. Organized into five institutes – the Institute of Economics and Business, the Institute of Law and Political Sciences, the Institute of Humanitarian Studies, the Institute of Advertisement and Media, and the Institute of Mathematics and Higher Technologies – the university provides comprehensive educational opportunities for both national and international students.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteer opportunities within the university include conducting conversational foreign language classes, providing assistance to the university psychologist, grant writing, research, and administrative support such as establishing and maintaining communication with embassies, foreign officials, and international organizations, aiding in the preparation of project and grant proposals, offering international services to students and staff, and assisting in organizing meetings and events. Additionally, volunteers can engage in public relations, media, and web content management tasks, including promoting international projects and study opportunities, ensuring media coverage of international events involving RAU, updating the Department website, preparing and editing videos/photos for publications.

January 20, 2023