TUMO  stands as an innovative hub equipped with cutting-edge digital technology and staffed by dedicated educators and media professionals. Offering an unconventional after-school learning environment, TUMO empowers thousands of students aged 12-18 to take control of their own learning journey. Through hands-on activities and engaging workshops, students explore various focus areas such as animation, game development, filmmaking, web development, music, writing, drawing, graphic design, 3D modeling, programming, robotics, motion graphics, photography, and new media. Those interested in tech/educational internship opportunities can check out the following blogs: Blog 1, Blog 2.  

Typical Volunteer Tasks:  Volunteer help organize and lead focus area workshops, provide guidance, and support to students as they explore various fields of interest. Additionally, volunteers can facilitate basketball and football sessions, promoting physical wellness and teamwork among TUMO members. Moreover, they can assist in coordinating educational and tech internships, connecting students with valuable opportunities to gain practical experience and further their learning.

July 20, 2018