WWF Armenia specializes in the conservation of landscape and nature in Armenia. Since 2002 the WWF has been operating in Armenia and became an official branch of the WWF in 2006. Ever since then WWF has been promoting wildlife conservation and has been advocating for preserving Armenia’s magnificent nature.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: By volunteering with WWF Armenia, individuals have the opportunity to contribute to the protection of Armenia’s biodiversity and natural heritage while gaining valuable experience in environmental conservation. Volunteers can contribute by writing articles on environmental issues, conservation projects, and success stories to raise awareness and share valuable insights with the community. Volunteers can also help promote WWF Armenia’s mission and initiatives by managing and promoting its social media creating and sharing impactful content. Those with technical skills can assist in updating and maintaining the organization’s website to ensure that information is current and easily accessible to the public. Volunteers can use their storytelling skills to create compelling narratives about WWF Armenia’s conservation work, capturing the attention and support of a wider audience. Additionally, they can assist in organizing events such as workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns to engage the community and raise funds for conservation projects.

February 13, 2024