Our Partners

Since its inception in 2000, the Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC) has cultivated relationships with over 1,400 organizations. That count grows weekly as more and more organizations reach out to secure a diverse group of volunteers.  AVC is committed to the development of Armenia as a country and of its volunteers as individuals, and an extensive network of partner organizations is an essential part of making good on that commitment. 

AVC works hard to individually customize the best possible match for each volunteer. This ensures that volunteers can make the greatest impact – both on the community and on themselves. In customizing placements, we look first at each volunteers’ skills and interests. Then we consider our partner organizations’ needs, something we update regularly. Once we have identified matches, we first contact the volunteer with a list of potential placements. We ask that they complete a thorough review of this list and provide us with their preferences. Once a volunteer arrives in Armenia, we start scheduling in person interviews with the partner organization. Many volunteers ultimately split their time between a few assignments, and it is even possible to change assignment(s) during your volunteer stint entirely. Volunteers almost always find at least one strong fit among the options, and many assignments turn out to be perfect!

A small sample of our partner organizations include:

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