Becoming A Partner

Established in 2001, the Armenian Volunteer Corps supports volunteers aged 21+ (32+ Diasporans) in experiencing Armenia in the most impactful manner. We provide volunteers with individually customized job placements in a range of sectors spanning business, education, environment, culture, health, government, NGO, and more. Volunteers receive full logistical support including homestay, Armenian language classes, excursions, and much more to ensure they seamlessly integrate and uniquely discover Armenia.


If you’re ready to become a partner and benefit from the hundreds of volunteers that come for durations of two weeks to one year through AVC and our sister organization Birthright Armenia, then apply to become a partner at Due to some bugs, we ask that you submit the form using Internet Explorer. Currently the form does not work with any other browser. Once we receive the completed form, we will contact you as soon as we identify a solid volunteer match. This can happen the day after you submit the application, or it can take weeks, months, or even longer. Once we do identify a volunteer match, know that we ask each organization to provide the following information: 

  • A task list (or a general scope of volunteer service) for the volunteer
  • A supervisor/contact for the volunteer
  • A brief orientation for the volunteer at the start of service
  • Oversight of volunteer hours
  • Completion of required timesheets
  • A commitment to stay in maintain close contact with AVC during each volunteer’s service
  • Constructive feedback to volunteers about their work progress (good/bad)
  • Approval for AVC to photograph and/or video record volunteers at your organization for outreach purposes

Check out what our partners say about our volunteers below