Placement Process

AVC’s placement process is only as complicated as it needs to be to ensure every volunteer finds an appropriate assignment!

Your AVC Application

As a part of this application, you will provide a resume and other information giving us insight into your education and work experience, which are both crucial considerations for a successful volunteering assignment. In the same application, you will be given the chance to rank volunteering categories (such as “Community Development” and “Medical/Health”) by order of personal preference. Prior to applying, we also recommend you review some of our partners and their needs.

Application Review and Interview

Once AVC receives a complete application, we’ll need a few days to review it and confirm eligibility. If you are eligible, we will schedule an informal interview with you. The interview typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes and we will cover topics including your background, interests, and volunteering preferences .We also provide all volunteers an opportunity to ask as many questions they have about living in Armenia generally and volunteering specifically.

The Selection Process

After your interview, your application is forwarded to our selection committee for a final review. If the consensus is that you can make a strong impact within one (or some) of our partner organizations, then we will email you an offer of acceptance.

Accepting AVC's Offer

Once you receive your acceptance, you’ll need to confirm your plans to volunteer. Once we receive that confirmation as well as a booking confirming your travel to Armenia, we’ll email you with a list of specific assignments. You should rank these suggested assignments by order of personal preference and send the list back to AVC ASAP.

In-Person Interviews

Typically within the first week of your arrival to Armenia, we’ll arrange in-person interviews for you at one (or more) of our partner organizations, factoring in your preferences. We’ll notify you of interview times as soon as we possibly can, but sometimes we are able to confirm these interviews only one day in advance. Most of the time, an AVC team member will accompany you to these interview(s).