Six Reasons Why You Are Never Too Old To Volunteer

Some people believe that volunteering is only for young, fresh graduates who have just completed their studies at school, college or university. But here at AVC we’ll prove you that this is just a myth! Here, we believe that volunteerism and fun is not only for the youth, but for everyone. That’s why we have volunteers joining us from all walks of life and of all ages, all year long! Here are some of the reasons why we believe you are never too old to volunteer.

1.Use your free time

If you are retired, then you’ve probably got some free time and you are not tied down by work commitments. So how great would it be to spend some of that free time travelling abroad and discovering a new culture, while also contributing to a worthy cause and giving back to the community!

2. With age comes wisdom

The young volunteers might have a lot of things, but they’ll never have the long years’ worth of wisdom and life experience that you do. They’ll always appreciate your valuable life lessons, skills and will come to you when in need for some good advice.

3. You know yourself

Your life experience has made you a mature confident individual, who knows what he/she wants and is better at making decisions. You know the right way of doing things and you’re more productive with less effort. Therefore, you can be a positive role model for your fellow volunteers and everyone you would work with.

4. Health benefits

When volunteering, you’ll get the chance to interact with a lot of people, meet new people from all around the world and make friends. According to multiple studies, social interaction improves mental and physical health. Socializing has also been proven to improve your immune system and brain functioning, as well as decrease risk of depression and anxiety.

5. Who said youngsters should have all the fun?

Volunteering abroad is a great fun, especially in Armenia, where there is something for all ages. Whether you want to go hiking in the mountains, enjoy chilled mornings by Lake Sevan or explore medieval monasteries, the country has got something for you to offer! We organize weekly excursions during which you can explore and discover different parts of Armenia along with fellow volunteers. So the Armenian adventures are calling you no matter what your age is!

6. You’re only as old as you feel

Here at AVC, we firmly believe that age is just a number, and that all what should matter is your willingness to do good for others and help out! So if you’re ready to give back to the community, then we are waiting for you. Because we know that no matter how old you are, you always have something to offer and a lot to receive!


April 17, 2020