Between the US and Armenia: Starting a musical movement with Carpet Jam

“I’m living my childhood dream through these young musicians!”
– Arthur Aghadjanians, Founder, Carpet Jam; AVC volunteer


Many people think finding a new passion later in life is impossible, but Arthur’s story shatters that myth. His experience with founding and operating his brainchild, Carpet Jam, shows how diving headfirst into a new interest can ignite profound personal and community growth and even let you live out your childhood dreams!

“One of my biggest surprises has been realizing my connection with Armenia and how happy I am here,” Arthur says with a smile from ear to ear. A seasoned project manager from the United States with extensive construction experience, Arthur found a renewed sense of purpose in Armenia. He first visited about a decade ago for his twins’ baptism and has since become entwined with the country. His work in Armenia has been some of the most fulfilling—and challenging—of his career.


From Construction to Composition


Arthur’s construction background shapes his approach to Carpet Jam, a musical platform that is making waves in Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora. “Creating something out of nothing, whether it’s a custom home or a piece of music, has always driven me,” he explains. According to Arthur, building a house from a foundation is like composing music from silence—it’s all about transforming a blank slate into something spectacular.

Arthur’s musical journey began in his teenage years in Iran, dreaming of becoming a musician despite a lack of support. “Musicians were looked down upon, and my family offered no encouragement,” he recalls. Sent to the U.S. at 18 for higher education, Arthur was forced to stay in California because of the Iranian Revolution. And while his musical dreams were shelved, he built a successful construction career. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and Arthur found himself in Armenia during the lockdowns.“I bought a guitar during isolation and started composing,” Arthur recounts. “What began as a way to pass the time turned into a mission to revive the musical community.”


The Birth of Carpet Jam


During COVID-19, Carpet Jam erupted from a personal project into a vibrant platform for musicians. Carpet Jam now showcases artists from Armenia and beyond, highlighting Armenian talent and creativity. “The musicians I am working with are stellar,” Arthur says, the excitement palpable in his voice. 

Arthur also dives into volunteering with AVC, blending his professional skills with his passion for music and education. He’s volunteered at the Armenian Little Singers International Association and Ddmashen Music School and, through Carpet Jam, has provided jobs to young people in Armenia “Employing three people in Armenia is incredibly rewarding,” Arthur shares. “It’s not just about the music; it’s about creating opportunities and making a difference.”


Finding Strength and Inspiration in Music


Arthur’s story is a masterclass in positivity and resilience. Despite facing significant challenges, including losing “nearly everything” in the 2008 economic crash, Arthur rebuilt his life and found new meaning through music and Carpet Jam. “I love creating something out of nothing,” Arthur states. “The opportunity to do that with music during COVID was a lifeline.”

But Arthur hasn’t stopped there. Future plans for Carpet Jam are just as ambitious and exciting. He’s gearing up to launch a video selfie competition, inviting young musicians from across the globe to showcase their talents. “I want to see musicians from every corner of the world connect through their art,” Arthur says. “This competition is about breaking down barriers and letting talent shine.”

In addition to the competition, Arthur envisions expanding Carpet Jam into a full-fledged multimedia platform featuring podcasts, music documentaries, and reality shows that capture the essence of the creative process. “I want to document how a song comes to life, the humor, the struggle, the passion,” Arthur explains. “It’s about more than just the end product; it’s about the journey.”


Discover New Beginnings with AVC


Arthur’s journey with Carpet Jam and AVC is a wake-up call that it’s never too late to chase what sets your soul on fire. Whether you’re nearing retirement or craving a new adventure, consider how your skills and passions could make waves. 

Inspired by Arthur’s journey? AVC can fuel your path. The organization helps people explore their passions and engage in meaningful projects, providing all necessary resources and support. From logistics to integration, AVC ensures a fulfilling experience for all.

Arthur’s experience proves that even amidst adversity, passion and positivity can lead to extraordinary outcomes! Let his story jolt you into action—take that leap with AVC. Your next chapter could be the most thrilling yet.

Watch this video below to learn more about Arthur Aghadjanians’s story

July 8, 2024