Teaching German in Armenian Villages During his Retirement

Age is not an obstacle to volunteering

When Hans-Christopher Pocha, a 66-year-old participant from Germany retired from his position as a former headmaster and teacher of 40 years, he knew that there were places where his experience and knowledge would definitely be needed.  He is not an Armenian, but he learned about Armenia when his son married an Armenian woman. Our Senior Corps program participant did not let age stop him from volunteering with AVC and discovering his daughter-in-law’s background. For Hans, this experience was personally and professionally rewarding. He mentions that despite being a teacher for a long time, “teaching in Armenia is a new experience.”
Hans agreed to answer our six questions about his experience. Watch the video to learn more.

He received a grant and came back to teach

After finishing his volunteering with AVC, he returned to Germany and came back again, this time for another purpose. Throughout this second journey in Armenia, he contributed his knowledge and skills to local schools. As he received a micro-grant from AVC, Hans implemented a project(which was highlighted in the media as well) where his primary focus was developing student-centered learning and conducting training for foreign language teachers. “One main reason for volunteering in Armenia was the war. And I felt that Armenia needed support. I can help the country with my teaching and education background.” -notes Hans when talking about his decision to come to Armenia.



Hans example is not the only one. You can volunteer with AVC even after 60, and we are proud to say that we already have successful cases. So, what is holding you now? Register here and come move mountains with us!

January 10, 2023