The Ideal Destination for Student Internships

Are you an international student seeking a meaningful and fulfilling internship abroad? Look no further than Armenia! Nestled in the heart of the Caucasus region, Armenia offers a unique and enriching experience for students looking to complete their internship requirements. Through the Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC), you can embark on a transformative journey that combines professional growth, cultural immersion, and community service.

Let’s explore why Armenia is an exceptional destination for student internships and hear firsthand experiences from past and current participants.


Professional Relevance and Diverse Placement Opportunities


Armenia provides a wealth of internship opportunities across various sectors, catering to international students’ diverse interests, academic backgrounds, and university requirements. AVC partners with over 1,300 organizations, including business, education, environmental sciences, finance, health, human rights, journalism, PR, government-supported bodies, NGOs, and arts and culture. Whatever your academic background or career aspirations, AVC will customize your internship placement to align perfectly with your interests and future goals. Additionally, AVC will work closely with your University to provide all the necessary documentation and support throughout the process.

Emma Minerva Brambilla, a law student from Italy, found her AVC experience invaluable for her career path. She was placed at Path of Law and the Acopian Center for the Environment at the American University of Armenia. Through her placements, Emma worked on real-world projects, such as submitting an application to the European Court of Human Rights and contributing to an environmental policy brief. Her experience with AVC allowed her to explore her passion for environmental law, leading to a potential career shift. Armenia provides a platform for students like Emma to gain practical skills and make a difference in their chosen fields.


Cultural Immersion and Language Learning


Interning in Armenia offers much more than professional growth; it immerses you in a rich cultural tapestry and provides an opportunity to learn the Armenian language. AVC ensures seamless integration into Armenian life by providing logistical support such as airport pick-up, host-family living arrangements, and Armenian language classes. Embracing the local language opens doors to deeper connections with the community and enhances your overall experience.

Nais Chaudagne, a French student with a passion for international relations, discovered AVC during her search for volunteering opportunities in Armenia. Impressed by the diversity of AVC’s partners and the country’s historical significance, she decided to commit as a volunteer. Nais recognized that volunteering in Armenia would allow her to build relationships, gain unique insights into post-Soviet dynamics, and develop skills beyond what a diploma alone could offer. 

Armenia stands not only as a hub for immersing oneself in the Armenian language but also as a haven for those seeking to embrace Russian. While Armenian is the official language and a cornerstone of cultural connection, Russian has held a significant presence in Armenia’s linguistic tapestry. As the most common foreign language spoken in the country, Russian offers a unique opportunity for language enthusiasts and international students to engage in a linguistic journey. As you embark on your internship in Armenia, you’ll find avenues to explore and enhance your proficiency in both Armenian and Russian.


Supportive Community and Exciting Excursions


AVC’s supportive network extends beyond the professional realm, fostering a sense of community among volunteers. Weekly gatherings, forums, and excursions across Armenia provide opportunities to connect with fellow volunteers and experience the country’s breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. These activities not only make your time in Armenia enjoyable but also create lasting memories and friendships.

Stephen Bridges, a US student pursuing his Master’s degree in International Affairs, joined AVC’s Junior Corps and was placed with the State Tourism Committee of Armenia and the Pyunic Association for the Disabled. Alongside his professional achievements, Stephen fell in love with Armenia’s people and culture, and the excursions organized by AVC allowed him to explore the country’s hidden gems. Stephen’s positive experience demonstrates the immense value of AVC’s supportive community and its ability to make interns feel at home in Armenia.


Armenia’s Gastronomic Delights


Armenia’s cuisine is a true reflection of its rich history, diverse geography, and cultural exchanges with neighboring regions. The culinary traditions also stem from the crops and animals traditionally grown and raised in the Armenian-populated areas.

When it comes to food, Armenia is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. The capital Yerevan boasts a wide range of dining options, catering to every palate and budget. Whether you’re in the mood for high-end, fine dining, or delectable street food, Yerevan has something to offer. The culinary landscape encompasses influences from the Middle East, Caucasus, Asia, and more. You might even stumble upon authentic sushi bars showcasing the city’s international flair.

From succulent kebabs and lavash-wrapped delicacies to hearty stews and fresh salads, Armenian cuisine offers a journey of flavors that will undoubtedly become a memorable part of your internship experience. Sharing meals with locals and fellow interns will not only be a culinary adventure but also a way to deepen your cultural understanding and forge lasting connections.




Armenia’s commitment to safety is evident even in the face of recent geopolitical challenges. Despite ongoing tensions with neighboring countries, Armenia remains a remarkably safe destination for international travelers. In fact, the latest Crime Index for 2023, as reported by Numbeo, ranks Armenia as the seventh safest country out of 142 countries globally. This emphasis on safety provides peace of mind for interns seeking a secure environment in which to undertake their professional and personal growth.


Global Networking


Interning in Armenia doesn’t just provide the opportunity to engage with the local community; it opens doors to a global network. As an intern, you won’t just be interacting with Armenians; you’ll have the chance to collaborate with many fellow volunteers from around the world who are in the country at the same time. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of these volunteers will enrich your journey, fostering cross-cultural connections that can last a lifetime.


Comprehensive Support and Prospective Pathways


The journey to Armenia as an intern is seamless and supported from start to finish. The AVC team is dedicated to assisting prospective participants in every step of the process. From collaborating with your university to submitting necessary documentation, AVC’s office ensures a smooth transition. Challenges that may arise are met with proactive solutions and unwavering support, making your transition to life and work in Armenia hassle-free.

Upon the successful completion of the internship program, participants receive more than just work experience. A certificate of completion and a recommendation letter will validate your efforts and contributions. Moreover, you’ll become part of the AVC alumni community—a network of individuals who have embraced Armenia’s transformative experience and are poised to make an impact across the globe.


Embark on a Journey of a Lifetime 


Armenia offers international students a unique opportunity to complete their internships in a culturally rich and supportive environment. Here, you can gain valuable professional experience, immerse yourself in a new and exciting culture, and forge connections with fellow volunteers. If you’re an international student seeking an unforgettable internship experience, consider Armenia and AVC as your gateway to personal and professional growth.

Embark on your journey with AVC and discover the wonders of Armenia while making a difference in the world!

August 24, 2023