Volunteer in Armenia. Contribute to the Advancement of the Health/Medical Sector

The health/medical industry is growing faster than ever. Here in Armenia, we have several partner organizations that are happy to welcome volunteers and interns from different corners of the world and engage them in their daily activities. Here are some of the institutions which you could have the opportunity to join once you decide to volunteer in Armenia with us.

Medical students specializing in orthopedics can shadow the surgeons in various fields such as orthopedics, general proctology, general and laparoscopic surgery, urology, plastic surgery, endoscopy, and reconstructive gynecology, anesthesiology, rehabilitation, and ICU. Once the doctors develop trust in the volunteers, they will have the chance to do hands-on work, such as doing stitches and the like.

Aiming at increasing visibility and awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease, this organization inspires hope and enhances the quality of life for people with Alzheimer’s Disease and their families. They focus on developing sustainable programs and services and provide training and education to healthcare professionals and family caregivers. The volunteers will be able to support the development of programs in Yerevan as well as in Gyumri and Vanadzor.

This center has helped children with severe, mild, or moderate disabilities to improve their self-servicing, communication, mobility, and sensory skills. The center works with the children for a specific period, which can be interesting for volunteers with a background in various therapies and psychology who want to complete a program and see it through from start to end.

Tonus-Les is a pharmaceutical company, which has gained a unique position in the Armenian market. The company offers various projects, which could be interesting for volunteers with a background in pharmacy, chemistry, and chemical engineering.

Anteo Health is a digital healthcare service delivering on-demand health assistance and self-care programs. Through their platform, the care process can be extended beyond the usual paradigm of doctor-patient interactions to a mixture of constant digital engagement and integrated face-to-face interactions. Interns can help out in various fields such as digital marketing management, business development, research on overarching trends in healthcare, digital health and health tech, etc.

Do you want to explore more opportunities in the Medical/Health sector? Contact us now, and we will help you find the job site that best suits your professional background and interests.

July 17, 2020