The Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC) is Armenia’s premier full-service internship and volunteer placement organization. If you are ready for a life-altering service experience, then AVC is for you! 

We provide all of our volunteers (which will hopefully soon include you) with individualized internship placements, year-round at one more of our 1,400+ partner organizations. How? By looking at each volunteer’s individual interests and background and matching those with our partner needs. Our partner organizations cover practically all sectors: business, education, environment, culture, health, government, NGOs, and many more. In addition to placement support for your professional volunteering, AVC also offers airport pickup, home-stays, Armenian language classes, excursions, weekly forums and gatherings, and more to ensure you adjust to life in Armenia as smoothly as possible.

Currently, AVC offers three different programs: Junior Corps, Professional Corps, and Senior Corps. Check out the links below for more information about each. 

Upon successful completion of the program, each volunteer enters our alumni family. Check out our “AVC Alumni” page for more details about the various support services we provide to alumni. 

Are you ready to apply? As long as you are eligible, we would be thrilled to receive your application. Note that people falling into any of the below categories are NOT eligible to apply for service in the Armenian Volunteer Corps:

  1. Ethnic Armenians between the ages of 21 and 31 (if this includes you, check out our sister organization, catering specifically to young ethnic Armenians from abroad, at www.birthrightarmenia.org).
  2. Anyone who has lived permanently in Armenia for the past 36 months.
  3. Anyone who does not submit a complete application (more information about this appears in our “How to Apply” section).
  4. Anyone affiliated with an intelligence agency.  
  5. Anyone needing an invitation letter to support an Armenian visa (AVC is unable to provide such letters).

AVC’s Junior Corps allows participants aged 21 to 31 (inclusive) to volunteer or complete university internships in Armenia; all people in this age range are welcome to apply except overseas Armenians, since Birthright Armenia runs a specialized program for them. The minimum time commitment to serve is one month, while the maximum is a full year. Volunteers spend a minimum of 30 hours a week at one (or more) of our partner organizations. International students studying in Armenia may be eligible for a reduced weekly commitment of 20 hours per week as long as they are pursuing full-time studies in-country.

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Our Professional Corps invites professionals aged 32 to 59 who have at least five years of work experience to volunteer in Armenia. Participants may choose to volunteer in their fields of expertise or pursue other avenues in which they may be qualified. The minimum time commitment, here too, is one month, while the maximum, once again, is a full year. However, for any professional who cannot commit to a full month, AVC does allow a reduced commitment of two weeks if the professional pays a 75,000AMD fee, which helps finance our community service programs. The Professional Corps entails a more flexible schedule, requiring volunteers to spend a minimum of 20 hours a week at one (or more) of our partner organizations.

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AVC strongly encourages accomplished professionals, aged 60+, to utilize their immense knowledge and experience to support Armenia’s further development. Precisely as is the case with the Professional Corps, the Senior Corps has a minimum one-month commitment and a maximum one-year commitment, with the possibility of reducing the minimum service time to two weeks with a payment of 75,000AMD going towards our community service programming. Once more as with the Professional Corps, the Senior Corps requires volunteers to spend a minimum of 20 hours a week at one (or more) of our partner organizations, affording them more time to themselves.

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And check out the links below for more information.