Volunteering in the Time of Coronavirus: Part 2

Back when social distancing first began, we shared a story of what our volunteers were up to and how they’re staying creative! Now six weeks into quarantine and working remotely, initial difficulties have been overcome and it’s time to highlight our productive volunteers and say thank you to our flexible job sites that quickly transitioned from office to meaningful home-based tasks. All of us working together continue to make a positive impact here in Armenia!

AVC’s Marie Fratacci, 23, (France) is assisting the Ballet 2021 Development Foundation. She has been helping them organize and edit their video library, in addition to helping with communications and digital marketing. “Working from home is not easy, as you will not have the chance to speak with your coworkers, to joke around a coffee or two having great discussions about arts or dance, like it was for me before the quarantine. But my boss would be happy; I have a lot of time at home to practice the ‘fifth position.’ But even if the situation is difficult, AVC’s team is always here to offer you the best job you can have, corresponding to your expectations and goals.”

Vicken Aprahamian, 56, (Canada) has been working with AUA’s Acopian Center for the Environment and Center for Responsible Mining. His work relates to mining waste and tailings in Armenia. Vicken is also preparing an educational guide for communities in Armenia living close to quarrying, mining and metal refining sites, to promote a smooth relationship between communities, operating companies, and government. “Besieged by the virus, I was fortunate to be able to pursue all my activities online and adapted to the world of Zoom discussions.”

Roman Barret-Labre, 24, (France) is working with the French University and the European School in Yerevan. “Even if my schedule changed a lot, if some of my previous missions can’t be done and if I miss working on the field with my colleagues, working remotely is so nice to keep a meaning and a feeling of purpose at the end of the day. Between online classes, article and conferences projects and, since today, online psychotherapy, I’m more than pleased of the work I can still put on aside of my lovely colocation life (shout out to my wonderful roommates).”

May 15, 2020