Volunteering Opportunities for Creative Minds

Are you a “creative”, someone who enjoys experimenting with different ideas, colors, concepts? We have many opportunities for you in Armenia! With our help, both junior and senior professionals have been placed at local organizations and companies where they had the opportunity to invest their international experience, knowledge, and skills. Here’s a brief list of potential jobsites for those interested in arts/culture/architecture.

The studio strives to advance the field of project and construction management by providing high-quality design packages of architecture, design, and engineering. The main responsibilities of interns include drafting, making detailed drawings, taking measurements, and construction site reporting.

This initiative introduces Armenian audiences to international performing arts programming. The organizers aim to bring the best and most innovative companies to Yerevan, presenting the rich palette of worldwide art and at the same time promoting Armenian culture internationally. Interns’ tasks include administrative support, project writing, translation/editing, creating theatre databases, and supporting the overall organization of the festival.

The institute aims to serve Armenia’s existing cultural heritage by supporting Armenian contemporary artists by promoting their art in various fields such as painting, photography, architecture, and performing arts. The institute’s goal is to establish a network for artists through exhibitions, concerts, publications, etc. Interns can help out with various tasks such as assisting with their English language skills, researching international festivals, contacting the already-existing list of artistic directors, creating a new children’s art group, and organizing monthly one-day workshops with an exhibition.

ONEArmenia accelerates culture and tech ideas. Interns with a background in videography/photography, graphic design, event management, as well as those who have advanced knowledge of Russian and other European languages, can assist in various tasks. ONEArmenia also supports community building/development projects.

This company offers services in communications, design, digital marketing, and creation of design products. Interns can work on client projects such as brand identity development, design of web and print materials, illustration, typographic work, animation, web design, etc.

The NGO created with the help of the My Armenia Program aims to coordinate, promote and support the development of sustainable festivals in Armenia, and helping to make Armenia one of the festival capitals of the world. Interns with a background in tourism development can assist with communications, marketing, strategy development, content writing, etc.

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August 20, 2020