Welcoming “a first” from Zimbabwe | Lucia Mawoko

When I saw Armenia on the map, I became curious to know more about it and what happens there, hence I decided to travel to this country which is very far away from home,” says Lucia Mawoko, our first-ever AVC volunteer from Zimbabwe. Having completed her graduate degree in Development Studies at the University of Fort Hare South Africa, Lucia is extremely positive and motivated, eager to contribute her energies to Armenia’s development and in turn introduce Armenians to Zimbabwean traditions.
During her three-month experience thus far with AVCLucia has been working with two jobsites that perfectly align with her interests: the Women’s Resource Center of Armenia (Yerevan) and Youth Palace CNCO (Gyumri), where she practices her second passion — teaching. Working and living in both the capital city as well as two hours north in the Shirak region of Armenia, Lucia is sure that she is making an impact in both local communities merely by her presence here.

“I am a person who likes to take on challenges outside of my comfort zone”

                                                         ~ Lucia Mawoko

Lucia hopes and feels that by residing in Armenia, she can shift the native Armenian perceptions about Africa and the African people. “Africa has for so many years been perceived as a continent always on the receiving side of different forms of help and my being in Armenia is helping Armenians to see things differently — an African, Zimbabwean helping outside of Africa,” says Lucia. She noticed that even her presence on the streets of Yerevan and Gyumri is making a positive impact, helping the locals discover and embrace the diversity of different cultures. And at her jobsite, where Lucia works with women and children, besides research and teaching, she also presents African traditions and values hoping to educate the locals about her homeland.
One of AVC’s primary goals is to introduce Armenia, with its rich culture and ancient history, to people from all around the globe and to encourage passionate volunteers like Lucia to share their own traditions and habits here, fostering more open intercultural communication. You all have a story to tell, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our big family!

As you start planning your travels, why not consider a service experience be it professional or less formal; alone, as a couple, or with friends. AVC will customize the experience for you.

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Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC) offers immersion, non-tourist experiences similar to those offered by its sister organization Birthright Armenia (BR) to anyone who is not BR-eligible; i.e. to individuals of all backgrounds and ethnicity from across the globe, age 21 and up. Service terms are as short as two weeks and up to one year.

September 25, 2020