Winter Adventures to Have in Armenia


Armenia is a country that is unique and attractive at all four seasons. Many people say that Armenia is a land of sun and mountains. Armenian summers are fascinating. Mornings are so sunny and charming, the evenings are full of adventurous activities. But it’s worth visiting Armenia in winter. The mountains that are covered by the soft snow and the picturesque views of marvelous Armenian winter will seem to you magical. There are many places and unforgettable adventures that are worth to try in Armenia during winter.

If you visit Armenia in November, you will already feel the breath of cold winter and the warm atmosphere of Christmas mess. Christmas is an excellent holiday for the Armenians, and they start to prepare for Christmas since November. Winters in Armenia are very chilly due to abundant snow. During the winter the weather is sometimes becoming rainy. The heavy snowfall begins in early January, and the white and pure snow is covering all the country. Armenia is getting white magically and beautifully.

Here are five options to have a great time in Armenia during winter while volunteering with AVC.

#1- Visit Tsaghkadzor resort

Tsaghkadzor is a modern and beautiful resort in Armenia. It’s considered to be one of the most visiting places among the tourists. It’s 55 km North-East of Yerevan city and has become the favorite place for those who prefer active rest. This marvelous spot is always full of adventurous tourists and not only. The resort offers you a lot of outdoor activities to do and gives you so many versions to have a great time.

If you are a sports lover, don’t miss the chance to enjoy skating. If you are a beginner, don’t worry, because after a couple of days you can become a professional one. There are professional sportsmen, who are willing to teach you.

Winter in Armenia with AVC

Another great news for extreme lovers is ropeway. The Tsaghkadzor ropeway is on a slope of Teghenis mount. The absolute height and speed of the ropeway will make you crazy. When getting on, you can look at the entire picturesque view of Yerevan. Winter outdoor activities even include beautiful zip-line flight. It is a favorite destination for extreme lovers.

One of the zip-lines is in Tsaghkadzor, which is a perfect destination for the ones who prefer actively spending their winter holiday. It’s a spot for those who are adventurous and desire to please their lack of adrenaline. The zip-line is a unique way for the tourists to overcome the fear of height and feel the enjoyment of adrenaline. The flight duration of two-way ziplining is 15-25 minutes; the price is 10 000 AMD. Of course, if you ever have a chance to visit Tsaghkadzor, then beat Kecharis Monastery, as it is a part of Armenian culture.

#2 – Taste traditional Armenian meal

One of the most delicious Armenian meals is khash. It is also known as “Armenian winter soup”. It is the favorite and traditional food for the cold winter. As once you taste it, will never forget its exceptional taste. When cold winter starts, all the khash-lovers are hurry to the cozy and warm restaurants to feel the tasty breath of cold winter.
The main ingredient of khash are the feet of a cow; the other essential ingredients are the onion, the chili pepper, the garlic, and the water.

Khash with AVC

#3 – Visit Jermuk resort

Another fantastic place to visit in Armenia during winter is Jermuk, which is in the Vayots Dzor region. Jermuk is also famous for its healing waters. Besides medical services Jermuk also offers ski resort for the lively tourists. Recently the ropeway has also constructed here, so for active rest lovers, this is a perfect place.

The weather is cold here in winter and will allow you to enjoy evening winter activities too. And, of course, there are a lot of restaurants and cafes, which welcome you to celebrate the New Year. There are also a few entertainment centers for you to have fun with friends and family. The prices are also affordable. This fantastic destination is waiting for you on your winter holidays, so hurry up.

#4 – Enjoy skate rinks in Yerevan

The Armenians are joyful people, and they like happily spending their time. They do everything that will allow them to spend their time active. On the New Year days, are many people on the streets, mainly in entertainment centers. The most overcrowded places in Yerevan are skate rinks. There is fantastic news for skate lovers. There are two well-designed skate rinks in Yerevan.

skate rinks in Yerevan with AVC

The first one is near to the Opera and Ballet Theatre. In summers it’s called “Swan Lake”, in which swans swim. While in winters it turns into a big and beautiful rink, which is full of active skaters. The festive atmosphere will make your visit there and enjoy the fresh breath of cold weather. But at the same time, you will enjoy the warm people and a cosy atmosphere.

You can feel the real drive-by skating here. Another one is an indoor rink where you can learn to skate. If you are a professional one, you can enjoy the adrenaline of skating.

#5 – Welcome New Year night at Republic Square

Yerevan is a very active and lively city. If you want to become a part of the joyful mess, then be present at the Republic Square on the New Year night. The excellent singers, the glowing lights will make your night special. The tourists who want to enjoy the live concert can welcome the first day of the New Year at the Republic Square.

New year in Armenia with AVC

They can have a great chance to take part in the festive live show. It starts at 10 pm, and during the concert, there are being premieres of new thematic songs. The Armenians say that in the way your New Year begins, in the way it will continue. So have fun at winter holidays by welcoming the New Year at the Republic Square.

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by Elen Sargsyan


September 25, 2019