So many truly unforgettable moments in just three week~

“My first volunteer experience was quite short. I really wish I could have stayed for a longer period of time. But still I managed to grasp an idea of what it is like to be a volunteer and I should say that I enjoyed this opportunity to do something worthwhile, to share my knowledge, thoughts and experience.

I had had an experience of a language tutor before but I had not worked with small children before my arrival to Armenia so this experience was new and quite challenging for me.  Here I worked with three groups of children of various ages, so it was quite a good opportunity to see and feel the difference of teaching approaches suitable for different groups, from pre-school children, who require to be entertained and that is the way they get the knowledge, to teenagers, whose interest can be attracted by discussions on the topics which are important for them. So this work always required special preparation for every single lesson. But here I discovered that work with children is always emotionally rewarding, so you always get more in return than you contribute no matter how hard you try to make the difference.

My life there was far from limited to my volunteer experience. It was also full of communications with co-volunteers, locals, and my University friends in Armenia. 

We visited some places of interest (Sanahin, Haghpat and Geghard monasteries, Garni temple), took part in supporting Armenian National football team in its match against Portugal, enjoyed great performance of Tigran Hamasayn in Zvartnots… 

So many truly unforgettable moments in just three weeks. And I can’t help thinking how much more great experience I would have gained if I could have managed to stay for just a little longer. But still. J

For me Armenia is an incredible country. I am attracted so much to its culture, its character, its identity. Since my first arrival two years ago I keep on coming back regularly just to discover something new and always adorable in this country, meet great and interesting people, explore its another beautiful region. Its sun and warmth (in all the meanings) make me smile all the time. Here so far I have just tried to rationalize my adoration, but I should admit that it is impossible to fully explain why you love something or someone: just because 🙂 Just because of that I do not think that it has been my last trip to Armenia 😉 “
Maria Ionova
Russia, 2015
July 13, 2015